How do I set up gzip compression on a web server?

I have an embedded webserver that has a total of 2 Megs of space on it. Normally you gzip files for the clients benefit, but this would save us space on the server. I read that you can just gzip the js file and save it on the server. I tested that on IIS and I didn't have any luck at all. What exactly do I need to do on every step of the process to make this work? This is what I imagine it will be like: 1. gzip foo.js 1. change link in html to point to foo.js.gz instead of just .js 1. Add some kind of header to the response? Thanks for any help at all. -fREW **EDIT**: My webserver can't do anything on the fly. It's not Apache or IIS; it's a binary on a ZiLog processor. I know that you can compress streams; I just heard that you can also compress the files once and leave them compressed.

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