how we use BigInt ?

this is my code but it givas an error would you please help me(in mySQL I have a table that has VARCHAR name ,VARCHAR address and VARCHAR telephone and TINYINT age and BIGINT charge) I want to insert a name and address and telephone and age with calling this method .but it will give an error for line `insertARow("Adam Smit","21 First Avenue, Fairlyland, 87654","123456789",35);` ERROR:create an InsertARow method(String,String,String,Int); the class: insertARow("Adam Smit","21 First Avenue, Fairlyland, 87654","123456789",35); } private static void insertARow(String name,String address,String telephone,BigInt age) { }
There is no Java type BigInt, except for but you should not use that. Do you use a 3rd party library?

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