GWT-DnD (drag and drop) layout question

The following is when using the drag and drop library from here: When placing an absolute panel inside a relative panel, it appears to disable the drag ability. A simple example: private AbsolutePanel leftPanelTree = new AbsolutePanel(); private HorizontalPanel drawingAppPanel = new HorizontalPanel(); private VerticalPanel leftPanel = new VerticalPanel(); private VerticalPanel rightPanel = new VerticalPanel(); private Label rightSideFiller = new Label("Right Side"); private Label leftSideFiller = new Label("Left Side"); private Image newImage = new Image("images/link.gif"); private PickupDragController newDragController = new PickupDragController(leftPanelTree, true); public DrawingApplication() { initWidget(drawingAppPanel); newDragController.makeDraggable(newImage); leftPanelTree.setWidth("300px"); leftPanelTree.setHeight("200px"); leftPanelTree.addStyleName("panelBorderTest"); leftPanelTree.add(newImage, 1, 1); drawingAppPanel.setWidth("100%"); drawingAppPanel.setHeight("100%"); drawingAppPanel.setBorderWidth(2); drawingAppPanel.add(leftPanel); drawingAppPanel.add(rightPanel); leftPanel.setBorderWidth(2); leftPanel.setHeight("100%"); leftPanel.setWidth("100%"); leftPanel.add(leftSideFiller); //leftPanel.add(leftPanelTree); rightPanel.add(rightSideFiller); } If, however, I add the image to RootPanel (and change the boundary panel accordingly) or add the absolute panel to the RootPanel directly then drag capability works. Am I missing something here?

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