How to test drive a networking application with custom protocol?

I'm currently developing two Java networking applications for school projects. One over TCP and the other one over UDP. In both I have to implement simple custom protocol. Even though I'm trying pretty hard, **I can't find a way how to correctly test this kind of apps, or better develop with test first development**. If I have a client and I want real test without stubbing everything out, I have to implement server with simulated behaviour, which in case of simple apps like these is almost the **whole project**. I understand, that when something big, than writing few lines of Perl script to test it could really help. Right now I'm developing server and client simultaneously, so that I can at least test by hand, but this doesn't seem like a clean way to develop. The only thing that is helping is tunneling the connection through logger, so that I can see all the data that goes through (using **TunneliJ plugin for IDEA**). **What is the best way to TDD a networking application with custom protocol? Should I just stub everything and be fine with it?**

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