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I have a treeview control on an aspx page. The data comes from database and I bind it to treeview control programmatically. (Parent-Child relationship in database of course) Well and I added a textbox which I use to add new child under the selected node and it works also good but so as to see the new added node, I have to refresh and page and all the expanded nodes collapses naturally. How can I prevent that. I am also using updatepanel not to refresh whole page and to expand child nodes I am using topicTree_TreeNodePopulate event of course. When users add something under the selected node , without any refreshment or postback the recently added node should be seen right under the selected page. Thanks in advance.. Btw I haven't much experience on Javascript so I can't do it with javascript.
This question has the look of auto-translated text; are you asking how to perserve the expantion of tree-view nodes?

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