Good choice for a lightweight checksum algorithm?

I find myself needing to generate a checksum for a string of data, for consistency purposes. The broad idea is that the client can regenerate the checksum based on the payload it recieves and thus detect any corruption that took place in transit. I am vaguely aware that there are all kinds of mathematical principles behind this kind of thing, and that it's very easy for subtle errors to make the whole algorithm ineffective if you try to roll it yourself. So I'm looking for advice on a hashing/checksum algorithm with the following criteria: - It will be generated by Javascript, so needs to be relatively light computationally. - The validation will be done by Java (though I cannot see this actually being an issue). - It will take textual input (URL-encoded Unicode, which I believe is ASCII) of a moderate length; typically around 200-300 characters and in all cases below 2000. - The output should be ASCII text as well, and the shorter it can be the better. I'm primarily interested in something lightweight rather than getting the absolute smallest potential for collisions possible. Would I be naive to imagine that an eight-character hash would be suitable for this? I should also clarify that it's not the end of the world if corruption isn't picked up at the validation stage (and I do realise that this will not be 100% reliable), though the rest of my code is markedly less efficient for every corrupt entry that slips through. Edit - thanks to all that contributed. I went with the Adler32 option and given that it was natively supported in Java, extremely easy to implement in Javascript, fast to calculate at both ends and have an 8-byte output it was exactly right for my requirements. (Note that I realise that the network transport is unlikely to be responsible for any corruption errors and won't be folding my arms on this issue just yet; however adding the checksum validation removes one point of failure and means we can focus on other areas should this reoccur.)
So the whole TCP/IP checksum thing isn't working... I'm thinking that anything corrupted in transit is going to get rejected at a much lower layer than the application level.

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