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I am making a portal page for a project, and a div contained is refreshed every 1000 seconds. The problem I am having though, is that the content that is being pulled in is always cached, so refreshing has no effect, the user has to do a hard refresh. **This only occurs in Internet Explorer** Here's the javascript code I used to refresh and load the div: var auto_refresh = setInterval( function () { $('#news').load('apps/news.php').fadeIn("slow"); }, 1000); And as you can see, the data is contained in a PHP file. contents of news.php:
News image 1

Opal network services resume - Bada Bing!

News image 3

Anglia Contemporary Theatre - "Some news-pschitt!"

News image 4

ALSS Faculty Research Seminar - Novel Plots: Narrative in Nineteenth-Century Verbal and Visual Fictions

How do I go about setting it so that the data is not cached? Thanks

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