What are best development practices for multi JRE version support?

Our application needs to support 1.5 and 1.6 JVMs. The 1.5 support needs to stay clear of any 1.6 JRE dependencies, whereas the 1.6 support needs to exploit 1.6-only features. When we change our Eclipse project to use a 1.5 JRE, we get all the dependencies flagged as errors. This is useful to see where our dependencies are, but is not useful for plain development. Committing source with such compile errors also feels wrong. What are the best practices for this kind of multi JRE version support? In C land, we had #ifdef compiler directives to solve such things fairly cleanly. What's the cleanest Java equivalent?
How do you manage to build your 1.5 version at all? Do you carefully exclude 1.6-dependent stuff in your build-file?

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