Need help with an AJAX workflow

Sorry I couldn't be more descriptive with the title, I will elaborate fully below: I have a web application that I want to implement some AJAX functionality into. Currently, it is running ASP.NET 3.5 with VB.NET codebehind. My current "problem" is I want to dynamically be able to populate a DIV when a user clicks an item on a list. The list item currently contains a `HttpUtility.UrlEncode()` (ASP.NET) string of the content that should appear in the DIV. Example:
  • What is the maximum number of digits a patient account number can contain?
  • I can decode the string partially with the JavaScript function `unescape()` but it does not fully decode the string. I would much rather pass the JavaScript function the faq ID then somehow pull the information from the database where it originates. I am 99% sure it is impossible to call an ASP function from within a JavaScript function, so I am kind of stumped. I am kind of new to AJAX/ASP.NET so this is a learning experience for me.

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