WebSphere and PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer

I'm a big user of properties (with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer) for making my application as "dynamic" as possible. Almost all the constants are defined as such. Anyway, I'm currently defining a `default.properties` which comes shipped with the default WAR. In other environments (Acceptance/Production) I need to overwrite of the configurations. I'm doing this as following: classpath:com/company/default.properties file:${COMPANY_PROPERTIES_LOCATION}\kbo-select-settings.properties With this means I can use a promotable build for each of the environments. HOWEVER, I do dislike the fact that I can't change any of my properties from inside WebSphere. Instead I have to go to each of the servers (we have 8 clustered) and change the properties accordingly. It would be a lot more user friendly if I could change those from inside WebSphere and just perform a restart afterwards... Anyone has an idea on how I could do such a promotable build? I already define JNDI configuration for datasources/java mail/etc. Thanks!

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