jQuery form validation problem.

I'm using the following code (via '[Dark Side of the Carton][1]') to validate a reCAPTCHA field, **before** submitting the rest of a form that includes the captcha field. The validation works fine, the 'recaptchavalidate' page is called, returns *True* or *False* correctly and the JavaScript picks this all up (I test this via *alert(html);*). However, when *True*, the form doesn't continue to be sumbitted as you would expect. In fact, even worse, the reCAPTCHA refreshes as if the response was wrong. I think it's my JavaScript at fault rather than the reCAPTCHA ... but where am I going wrong? **EDIT**: This is used only to check there are no errors before submitting. The reCAPTCHA is checked properly after submitting (via Python, not JS). So is not as big a security hole as some users have pointed out. [1]: http://www.darksideofthecarton.com/2008/12/15/validating-recaptcha-with-jquery-and-ajax/comment-page-1/

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