What do I need to do to integrate JTA into a Java SE application?

Suppose I want to implement an application container. Not a full-on Java EE stack, but I need to provide access to JDBC resources and transactions to third party code that will be deployed in an application I'm writing. Suppose, further, that I'm looking at JBossTS for transactions. I'm not settled on it, but it seems to be the best fit for what I need to do, as far as I can tell. How do I integrate support for _providing_ connection resources and JTA transactions into my Java SE application?
JBoss's TM is horrible. At least, if you are hoping for ACID transactions. The best that one can say about it is that it will probably not screw up as long as it doesn't have to contend with any failures. And it's not alone... most transaction managers (even some commercial ones) really don't work. You need to test them rigorously, as I said in my previous answer. stackoverflow.com/questions/777636/…

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