Add Google "My Maps" Layer to Google Maps Javascript API

I want to put a Google Maps map on our website. I know that custom markers can be added to a map with Javascript, but I'd rather use Google's MyMaps service instead, because then my co-workers could edit the map without any programming knowledge. You can add a custom My Map to websites with an embedded `iframe`. I'm using the Javascript API instead though, so that I can take advantage of the controls the API delivers (such as zoom through custom controls or changing the position on the map without touching the map itself). Can I insert the map created and saved with My Maps as a layer in my JS API map?
I have the same issue. Since Google Maps Engine has been deprecated, I would like to use Google My Apps to create a Map with points coming from an Excel file that can be updated at any time, and showing that map from a Web App using Google Maps Javascript API. I'm researching how to implement the Front End integration, so keep in touch, If I have a solution I will post it here.

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