Google Analytics: _trackPageview without page refresh?

I'm reworking some site tracking for a site I'm working with. For the tracking we are currently using Google Analytics, which seems to be working fairly well. However, I'm having some troubles resembling the ones in [this question](, but it's old and no one answered, so I'm bumping a bit here. :) Basically, I'm tracking two kinds of things. Raw pageviews (entering a page), and events on the page (lightbox opened, something important clicked, etc). I'm using _trackPageview for both kinds of events, because I need to be able to track some lightbox flows in GA's goal funnel tracking, and as I understand it _trackEvent calls can't be tracked in goal funnels. The problem here is that it seems like the way GA works, it doesn't really post its data instantly (firebug doesn't show any requests happening, at least), but defers it to a page refresh or something like that. I'm not totally sure what happens, but basically I'm getting all events up to the first one leading to a page refresh all shuffled up in the funnel and looking like they all happened as an exit from the event causing the refresh. (Did that make sense? :) Is there any way of forcing GA to "flush" an event when it happens and not defer it? Or am I using things totally wrong? EDIT: I was a bit blind reading the firebug logs... It does actually do the request to __utm.gif with the correct data. Makes the funnel being weird even more strange though, so the basic question is still valid. Thanks

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