Can JavaScript survive a full HTTP Request Roundtrip?

Is it possible to have JavaScript (specifically, JavaScript variables and their content) survive full HTTP requests? I'd like to 'cache' / persist information client-side across page changes, without having to use hidden form fields or anything HTML related at all. Is this possible? **Edit:** Let me add a use case for what I mean. 1. Let's say I have a JavaScript array called *arrayOfPersons* which I loaded as part of page /HomePage, and now it contains 1,000 objects client-side. 2. Now the user switches the page and loads an entirely new page /MyAccount into the browser 3. **My Goal**: Still have the *arrayOfPersons* that I loaded on page /HomePage available after the user requested the entirely new page /MyAccount. Hope that clarifies what I mean. Thank you!
@Fragsworth: Not sure why you would think of AJAX in this context. AJAX is used for asynchronous requests to the server. Not really related to caching information on the client.

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