Problem with jquery ajax in Opera and Google Chrome

I have a page where I need to add a drag and drop functionality to certain elements. When the drop event occurs, it makes an ajax call to a php function and then refreshes the contents of a div. I'm using jQuery with jQueryUI for the drag and drop, and CakePHP as a PHP framework (not sure if this is relevant). Everything is working just fine in Firefox, Safari and even IE, but in Opera or Chrome the contents of the div isn't refreshed (although the action from the PHP function is executed). So, here is the code: jQuery('#lists div'). filter(function() {return[\d]+_[\d]+/);}). each(function() { jQuery(this).draggable( {axis: 'y'}); }); jQuery('#lists div'). filter(function() { return[\d]+/);}). each(function() { jQuery(this).droppable({ drop: function(event, ui) { dropID = jQuery('id'); dragID = jQuery(ui.draggable).attr('id'); itemID = dragID.substr(dragID.lastIndexOf('_') + 1); oldListID = dragID.substr(4).replace(/_[\d]+/g, ''); newListID = drop.substr(4); jQuery.ajax({ url: "/lists/itemToList/"+itemID+"/"+oldListID+ "/"+newListID, type: "POST", success: function (data) { jQuery('#lists').html(data);} }); } }); }); Basically, the success function isn't executed, but if I try to see the errorThrown (on the error event) it is "undefined"
Could you post the URL to this page, or a demo? There isn't really enough here to tell why this happens.

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