Configure Equinox to modify the management of the "local bundle cache"

Relating to a previous question, [how let OSGi to reuse your configuration via Config Admin][1], I am still trying to solve this problem in the Equinox Framework. [Pavol Juhos][2] wrote: > Equinox Config Admin ( stores the configuration data in the persistent storage area provided by the Framework. And that happens to be the "local bundle cache" directory by default for Equinox. So i read up on this topic and found that there are several [runtime options][3] for Equinox (among other things osgi.configuration.area). What I want is to change the configuration, in order that the local bundle cache won't be droped or cleaned, so the next time I'll run the Framework, the last entered configuration (for any bundle) will be used. [1]: [2]: [3]:

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