NetBeans Web-Services Client Project - repeated WSDL parsing

I created a new project thus ... File, New Project... Java, Java Application. Right-click project icon in "Projects" tree-view panel. Choose New, Web Service Client... Specify WSDL file e.g. ( ) Project (*) Local file D:\temp\Foo\Bar.wsdl ( ) WSDL URL [Set Proxy...] client-style JAX-WS [ ] Generate Dispatch code It parsed the WSDL and generated lots of java files. I created a main class and used Netbeans to insert a WS client call Now whenever I run my code (Desktop app), it again parses the WSDL (which doesn't ever change) and regenerates about 78 java files and compiles them. How do I stop Netbeans performing this uneccessary and time-consuming action?

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