Web Application, which route to go!?

I'm going to develop a web application based on mathematics. It's going to provide stuff like canvas' showing graphs (quadratics etc.) and also provide an exercise area to test knowledge. I am stuck as to which route to take. I haven't developed a Web Application before and I am most confident working in C# applications. I would prefer to use C# when creating this but I don't know if that is really appropriate. I have the following routes that I could go down: - Silverlight - I haven't used this before but it seems to be the most obvious solution to me. I was wondering how hard it will be to develop an understanding of silverlight (xaml etc.) - Java, I haven't any idea about java, but I've heard it has a lot of similarities to C#. - Tclets, my university tutor said he has worked with this before and it's easier to get on the web, and very handy for gui's. I thought I'd ask this here to get everyones opinion on which path to take, and sum up all the positives and negatives of each route. Thanks in advance.

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