How to Load XML File Contents using Javascript?

I'm looking for a way to load an XML file's contents directly into a Javascript variable. Say I have the following directory structure: /index.html /loader.js /file.xml In `index.html`, there is a `` tag, whose contents should be replaced with the contents of the XML file. So if the XML file contains: Item One Item Two Then after the dynamic load, the HTML would be: ... ... ... My question is, what function can I use in `loader.js` to load the contents straight into a variable? I have used XmlHttpRequests and the ActiveX XMLDOM parser, but all just give me a structural data model that I then have to sort through to find my elements. I don't need to parse anything, I just want to obtain all the file contents. **Note:** HTML/Javascript only, no server-side code.
This can be combersome to do with plain-old JavaScript, are you using any frameworks? (before someone says "use jQuery"...)

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