Showing page load progress with JavaScript

I am retrieving a list of files from a web service and displaying them as links. When someone clicks on the link, the file should start downloading. The problem is that no direct access to the file exists. Here is the process to download a file: 1. User clicks on link 2. Server calls web service to retrieve file 3. Browser is loading for as long as it takes to bring the file back from the web service 4. Browser finally offers file to user for download To counter the unfavorable user experience of having to wait for the web service before the download starts, I would like to display a "Loading..." feedback dialog when a link is clicked, and have the dialog go away when the file is ready. I am using jQuery, and have been playing around with adding an iframe to the page to load the file, but the problem I am having is I don't know how to determine that the file is ready. I am looking for tips, not only on the client side to give ample feedback, but perhaps also on the server side (using ASP.Net), just in case I can do something to streamline the process. Thank you. **Update**: To clarify, this is for downloading a file to a user's machine. What I'm specifically looking for is a way to determine when the file is ready for download. So, when step #4 above takes place, I'd like to remove the "Loading..." message.
By "downloading" do you mean actually saving a file to the user's machine, or do you mean that your web app just needs to acquire some of this large file-based information to perform its work?

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