Applying animation when leaving hover state

I have some animations I found online. I am able to apply them when I hover the div i've assigned the class to but I can't figure out how to animate when I leave hover. What I am hoping to get is a control bar which slides up when i hover and slides down when i leave. HTML:
CSS: .animated:hover { -webkit-animation-fill-mode: both; -moz-animation-fill-mode: both; -ms-animation-fill-mode: both; -o-animation-fill-mode: both; animation-fill-mode: both; -webkit-animation-duration: 0.9s; -moz-animation-duration: 0.9s; -ms-animation-duration: 0.9s; -o-animation-duration: 0.9s; animation-duration: 0.9s; } .animated.hinge { -webkit-animation-duration: 2s; -moz-animation-duration: 2s; -ms-animation-duration: 2s; -o-animation-duration: 2s; animation-duration: 2s; } @keyframes fadeInUp { 0% { opacity: 0; transform: translateY(5px); } 100% { opacity: 1; transform: translateY(0); } } .fadeInUp:hover { -webkit-animation-name: fadeInUp; -moz-animation-name: fadeInUp; -o-animation-name: fadeInUp; animation-name: fadeInUp; } @keyframes fadeInDown { 0% { opacity: 0; transform: translateY(-20px); } 100% { opacity: 1; transform: translateY(0); } } .fadeInDown { -webkit-animation-name: fadeInDown; -moz-animation-name: fadeInDown; -o-animation-name: fadeInDown; animation-name: fadeInDown; } More code:

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