How to input return whitespace in ERB template?

by using sinatra and I want generate a webVTT, which take the whitespaces into account, to make a identical return file like: WEBVTT 1 00:00:22.865 --> 00:00:30.413 Now we are gonna focus on the hihats, and this is where you actually get to hold these sticks. And 2 00:00:30.416 --> 00:00:37.745 I play matched grip which is where your both the sticks are held in the same way, a lot of people called traditional grip, I made the following code, with iterate a hash object converted from json: WEBVTT <% @sub_json['data'].each_with_index do |value, index|%> <%= index+1 %> <%= value['start'].to_time %>--><%= value['end'].to_time%> <%= value['en'] %> <%= %> <% end %> the result doesn't work, I paste the request from browser to vim and use `set list!` to show all the whitespaces, it seems all the return whitespaces are removed, I guess this is the reason that my code doesn't work anyone know how to add whitespaces to make the code working?

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