Manipulating Salesforce html elements with Autohotkey via COM

I wrote an Autohotkey script that uses COM to automate updating Salesforce opportunities. At some point, the functionality broke. Previously, I could use javascript alerts to determine which HTML elements I needed to manipulate, e.g,
**javascript: alert(document.forms[3].elements[8].value)** would return the value "Save".
I would then have AHK click that element to Save the opportunity. Now I get error messages in Autohotkey and all javascript alerts(Forms 0-3, Elements 1-20) return "Unable to download . Unspecified error". I have a very beginner level understanding of HTML, so I'm not sure what this means. Could Salesforce have protected the HTML elements from being manipulated?
Could you add the code you have and the URL to the page you're trying to manipulate? I doubt the HTML elements are protected, but certainly the document structure of the page could be changed to the point where you need to change your AHK code too.

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