need to change class in repeater elements

i have a repeater:
  • <%#Eval("iconURL")%>
and i want to handle all the buttons in the same function: protected void sideMenuSports1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { changeDataSources(); /*-----> this function supose to derict to URL(in a div on the same page) acording the id of the item of the repeater */ removeAllClasses(); /*this supose to remove all class named selected from the element in the element */ ((LinkButton)sender).Attributes.Add("class", "selected"); } to sumerise, what i need is: 1. i need to remove the class "selected" in all the repeater `` elements, then add it only to the element the user clicked 2. each button clicked redirect to other URL ,how i pass the button the id of the repeater element?

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