Foundation Navigation Bar blocking form fields

So this seems like a dumb problem to have. I may be going about it wrong so if anyone could suggest another way of doing this i would love to try it out. I have a FIXED Navigation bar built with Zurb Foundation 4
The image that is displayed for the title is larger than the navigation bar. I actually like it hanging down from the nav bar and i have a media query setup to remove it on smaller screens so it is not hanging over content. Problem: The `
` wraps the navigation bar and the image all the way across the page. Because the image hangs below the nav bar anything behind it is not clickable. the entire top part of the page is unclickable. For a form i am unable to select a text box to edit. Because the navbar is fixed it affects the entire page depending on how far you have scrolled. Is there a way to have them fixed but without having the fixed tag grab all the empty space? Is there another way to do this? ![my messed up fixed div][1] [1]:

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