Firefox 15 shows HTML5 pages zoomed out 33%, no setting to override this

I've used Firefox for webdesign work because I'm used to and like Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar. I'm now making a page template and am having trouble getting a sense of how everything looks, since it's zoomed out. Non-HTML5 web pages have the correct zoom level. I've googled a lot, but not found anything pertinent. I would like to turn off this behavior, with some -moz-* directive if necessary, since it shows the web pages differently than all the other HTML5 browsers. How? If the problem is new since 15.0.1 for Mac, I'll accept downgrading temporarily if you can link a version that fixes it. NOTE: This has nothing to do with the page-zoom that users can change with Ctrl + and -. **EDIT: Hm, is normal scale (it seems). Can someone help me find what HTML5 code turn off (supposedly) the HiDPI Canvas or whatever it is causing this?**
For example and also show zoomed out, since they're HTML5, and shows normal, since it's not HTML5. It has nothing to do with my web page. All these sites show normal in all other browsers, as does mine.

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