Single Page Web Apps for the iPad?

I'm looking to make a single-page web app that works exclusively on the iPad, like [Gmail on the iPad]( and the [iPad User Guide]( An app like this must be made using a framework that allow web pages to behave in ways much more akin to iPad's native applications (momentum scrolling, split-view panes, UIKit-style interface), but done completely in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (with WebKit and Safari extensions like iOS-specific multi-touch and gesture events). The only public framework I've found that targets the iPad in this matter is Sencha Touch. Naturally, Google and Apple aren't sharing the libraries *they've* written (ie. PastryKit, AdLib, etc). Are there any others (the open-source *only* license for Sencha Touch is prohibitive, and jQTouch is *only* for small-screen devices like the iPhone 4, and *not* the iPad)? How would I go about writing momentum scrolling and split-view panes like this? Any good resources/tutorials/books/links on these advanced topics? For a lot of reasons, people want to write web apps for the iPad that can compete with native.

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