Is it possible to create an HTML quine?

Per the title, is it possible to create a (non-trivial) [quine][1] in HTML? My definition of an HTML quine: > A non-trivial HTML quine is one that is not null and uses at least one HTML tag, under the assumption that some string in an HTML file is rendered by a browser as plain text. An HTML quine is defined such that the output of the `q.html` **as rendered by a standard browser** is the contents of `q.html` itself. (I'm open for any comments on this definition, I kind of hacked it up right now) HTML is not turing-complete, therefore the fixed-point theorem cannot be applied to prove that it is indeed possible. However, this does not necessarily mean an HTML quine is impossible. Or can it in fact be proven that an HTML quine is impossible? [1]:

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