Parse HTML Page For Links With Regex Using Perl

> **Possible Duplicate:** > [How can I remove external links from HTML using Perl?]( Alright, i'm working on a job for a client right now who just switched up his language choice to Perl. I'm not the best in Perl, but i've done stuff like this before with it albeit a while ago. There are lots of links like this: Death Becomes Her (1992) I want to match the path "/en/subtitles/3586224/death-becomes-her-en" and put those into an array or list (not sure which ones better in Perl). I've been searching the perl docs, as well as looking at regex tutorials, and most if not all seemed geared towards using ~= to match stuff rather than capture matches. Thanks, Cody
Your question is confusing: 1. There is a distinction between lists and arrays in Perl, but it's not the sort of distinction you seem to have in mind. 2. To capture matches, you use =~. Here's another distinction that doesn't exist in Perl.

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