NodeJS + HTML5 + Telnet = isitpossible?

I have this project for my classes i'm currently workin' on. here it is: - WebPage client for Telnet not on standard ports, with ability to choose a port and connect I have machines with telnet servers on them, just waiting for connection. So my idea was to set up a nodeJS with express server on a dedicated machine. This would handle connections through telnet and host a page for clients, that would use to exchange information with server side. But as i'm new to such technologies (telecommunications student) i wonder if it is possible. I spotted something like this - by Peter Nitsch, but i see there are some massive gaps in code and the demo does not really work so i don't know if it actually works. Did anyone try this? My other problem is - when i send information to nodeJS server through websockets, which seems achievable for me, what do i do with this information? Do i just set up another websocket to pass the same data i got from client websocket directly to the telnet port? Can sockets connect directly to specific port, without any websocket waiting on the other side? If my idea is wrong, could anyone help me - maybe there exists some nice solution - i was thinking about Anyterm for example but i see that it requires an apache server and runs completely different technologies...
Yes, it is feasible. The data flow is that the node server has to setup connections to the telnet server when the terminal emulator in the browser asks and then proxy data to and from it over web sockets.

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