How to stop users from copying or printing text from my web page?

I have a web page (on .Net platform, with C#) with text content and I would like to block users from copying the text or printing the document. If the user is hard out on attaining a copy of the page, I know he can. But I would like to make it as hard as possible. I have found a few points on it. - Using Java Script to block user from copying text. Downside is user can easily copy text from source. - Do not make the text into 1 big image, as user can print it out in one go. - Use a plugin to show text as scrollable in a defined viewport size without the ability to copy text. Then the user has to take pain to print every bit he can fit in the window viewport, which is **fine for me**. Use Flash in this case. - I have seen [ionCube's (php) solution][1] where you cant copy or view source text, but the downside is it can be printed easily. I would like to see a asp's encoding solution here along with ability to block user from printing the page :) - Scribd is not a solution because if you chose to stop users from copying text from your scribd document, it converts the text to a tough to read image. There could be more solutions out there I am unaware of. Can you please let me know the best solution in this case? [1]:

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