Preferred method for using/writing template with PHP and HTML

In creating my own template, there seems to be two ways of displaying my body content using PHP and HTML. Which method tends to be the preferred, or **most correct**, method? **Is there an industry standard? For example - if I showed my code to Facebook, is there a certain method that the person hiring me would be looking for?** Both of them are clumsy at first to write. ***Method #1*** templateGetAboveContent(); //Begin unique content ?>

Example Header

***Method #2*** Example Header"; $body .= "
"; if ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query($get_article_sql)) { $body .= "
" . $row['article_content'] . "
"; } templateGetDisplayContent($body); ?> In **Method #2**, `templateGetDisplayContent()` would simply `echo $body;` where it should be, between the displayAbove and displayBelow code.
You should look into MVC and read the faq, especially the bit about the types of question to ask here,

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