How to remove only underline from a:before?

I have a set of styled links using the `:before` to apply an arrow. It looks good in all browser, but when I apply the underline to the link, I don't want to have underline on the `:before` part (the arrow). See jsfiddle for example: Is it possible to remove this? The test-style I sat with `#test p a:hover:before` does get applied (according to Firebug), but the underline is still there. Any way to avoid this? #test { color: #B2B2B2; } #test p a { color: #B2B2B2; text-decoration: none; } #test p a:hover { text-decoration: underline; } #test p a:before { color: #B2B2B2; content: "â–º "; text-decoration: none; } #test p a:hover:before { text-decoration: none; }
Well, you obviously want a list... Use an UL element instead of the DIV/P combination. With lists you get the bullets (or discs, ... ) for free...

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