Opera Mobile incorrectly calculates position: fixed

I have a interesting problem with position: fixed in Opera Mobile 11: Test page: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/841468/testcase/opera/fixed.html The red `
` should stay fixed on top. If I scroll page down, element moves a bit from top edge of viewport (exactly 93px in device pixels); but if I scroll up, element returns to correct position. (Screenshot on HTC Desire): ![Screenshot on HTC Desire][1] My findings: - Changing zoom level didn't help and didn't change element position from top edge. - It works correctly in Opera Mobile emulators (both 10.1b and 11) - Setting or removing "top" / "left" properties didn't help - Setting "z-index" or "display" properties to some value didn't fixed it - It shows this behavior even when I move viewport with `window.scrollTo(x, y)` - Setting "zoom" to "reset" didn't work - Mouse events get through this element to element under it (if it is in that incorrect position) - Trying IE hacks didn't work :) Thanks [1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/AeeVL.png
Info: Also broken in Opera Mobile 11.1

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