Have JSF tag NOT render an HTML tag

I do the front end HTML for a JSF team. I often run into the JSF tags being used rendering HTML of their own. It's often a SPAN and isn't usually a problem, but once in a while we have this:
Which will render this:
Hello World.
I've been reading through JSF tag documentation but can't find a specific mention of a way to tell the JSF tag to only render the child HTML, not the tag itself as an HTML element. Is there a JSF attribute to tell it "don't render a span"? Or is there a JSF tag that will not render as HTML, but still allow for use of JSF variables within?
I realize you're probably doing something more complex, but why not just use -> ...td>... Alternatively you could write a custom component that had children but rendered nothing but that seems like a lot of work for something that might be an easy work around (composite components or simple redesign of the html)

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