HTML5 Offline Application Manifest Usage in an IFrame

I'm doing some work with html 5's offline application cache using firefox 3.6. My web application uses iframes to load other web application that pass the same-origin policy requirement. Unfortunately, the offline application cache for the iframe loaded page does not work. Specifically: * For the url sourced in via an iframe, I observe the application manifest and all of resources listed inside of it being loaded from my webserver. * When I load the url of the iframe directly by typing it into my URL bar, the application cache works. * When the page that has the application cache is loaded via an iframe, the application cache does not work. * The only difference between the container page url and the iframe src url is the web application context (i.e. container is '' while iframe source url is ''). I did find some chatter on a [whatwg working group thread][1] discussing whether iframe's should inherit container manifest settings, which leads me to believe that this ought to work. Am I doing something unreasomnable? Is firefox lagging behind the whatwg specification? Any ideas or pointers to a solution would be appreciated. [1]:

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