HTMLControl on WM 6.1 - VGA

I am facing trouble enabling "High Resolution" mode in WM6 Professional. I am using a HTMLView.dll to embed an HTMLControl in our application. By default the "HTML" Shown is not in "High Resolution" Mode - The App is appearing all zoomed up and as how it is displayed in lesser resolution Emulators/devices.(QVGA) I have already referred to a few links suggested from folks. Most of the links point to which offers a solution to turn off the Emulation layer in WM6 by adding a line to the resource file. HI_RES_AWARE CEUX {1} // To turn off the emulation layer This is because of an accepted bug - discussed at - Doing the HI_RES_AWARE didn't help as the view on the HTMLControl was the same. I want to imitate the same functionality that IE Mobile does when I select Menu->View->High Resolution, which does show the HTML the way it's supposed to be shown (Smaller - so that more HTML View screen is achieved). I have already tried to modify the DTM_ZOOMLEVEL which I normally set when an HTML is written to the HTMLControl - But even the least zoom setting doesn't zoom out sufficiently. The view on the IE mobile's high resolution mode is much better. I have also tried getting the width and height of the screen by using the GetDeviceCaps() method, but this only returns me the screen size, which will at the max help me to modify my created window's size. The issue that I am facing is how to enable the high resolution mode automatically on my html pages (here I am not creating the UI for mobile device, it's only the html page). Any pointers?

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