Which language is best for this editoral and op-ed aggregator project?

I'm looking for an aggregator for the editoral and op-ed pages of a bunch of English language newspapers I want to follow. The objective is to generate an HTML that is just a collection of editorial pieces from the dozen newspapers I want to follow internationally, so that I can print them off in the morning. Since this is a very narrow requirement, I couldn't find anything already available so I'm thinking of writing one on my own. Now, I used to be a programmer for ~8 years in my previous life (and now have been swayed to the "Dark Side" that is Wall Street after my MBA). I'm not knowledgeable enough today about programming to make a good choice on a scripting language so am unsure which the best language for this would be (performance is not a key issue, libraries for parsing HTML, text handling as well as getting data off live web pages are more important). PS: I don't mind learning a new language (previously I worked extensively with x86 ASM, C and Visual C++/MFC) almost exclusively in Win32 environments.

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