Match width of different elements on web page. HTML IE7 & IE8

In the following code I need to match the width when shrinking the window :
The title
Column title Content Column title2 Content 2
This is just a little example of the page, it would involve more divs and tables. When I shrink the window the table and the div shrink as need it so the div will shrink more than the table, and that make the page look ugly. Is there any way to stop the div shrinking when table can't shrink any more? I tried min-with and it does not work, and I asked already for anything similar but apparently there isn't anything apart of JavaScript. Could any of you give me a solution other than JavaScript? Thanks in advance. Cesar.
IE does not support it I thought (IE 6 does not)... It works in Opera (just checked) and I believe it will work in FF as well

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