example for using streamhtmlparser

Can anyone give me an example on how to use to parse out all the `A` tag href's from an html document? (either C++ code or python code is ok, but I would prefer an example using the python bindings) I can see how it works in the python tests, but they expect special tokens already in the html at which points it checks state values. I don't see how to get the proper callbacks during state changes when feeding the parser plain html. I can get some of the information I am looking for with the following code, but I need to feed it blocks of html not just characters at a time, and i need to know when it's finished with a tag,attribute, etc not just if it's in a tag, attribute, or value. import py_streamhtmlparser parser = py_streamhtmlparser.HtmlParser() html = """link""" for index, character in enumerate(html): parser.Parse(character) print index, character, parser.Tag(), parser.Attribute(), parser.Value(), parser.ValueIndex() you can see a sample run of this code [here](http://pastebin.com/fdc63fda)

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