how to embed an .AVI in html?

I've found some examples of .AVI in html on the web.
But my page is problematic.
It's fine with chrome on my pc.
In IE, you get that dang bar at the top and then the videos are blank after that.
It works on my pc, but not others' so I figured it'd be codecs or something??
Here's the existing html... (sorry, note sure how to get pretty html in here) I know that .AVI will keep mac people from seeing em.
That's ok. My midi app doesn't have a mac version.
I also know that .AVIs don't stream well.
When I convert to .MOV or .WMV the audio lags terribly.
(And this is a midi app - sound is important.)
Any tips or ideas would be most appreciated :)
What stops Mac users from seeing videos in AVI containers?

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