Generating possible URLs from forms

I am trying to get all the URLs (and then get the data) that are generated by the form on this page - with little success. I have installed HTTP Headers(0.14) addon on Firefox 3.0.5, Ubuntu. But the resultant URL is very weird and pretty long. Eg: POST /_layouts/servicecallertunes.aspx __EVENTTARGET=CTTunes1%24ddlTunesSubCategories&__EVENTARGUMENT=&__LASTFOCUS=&__VIEWSTATE=M0ZAMFvA%2Baq58jd57T84z0fdR%2B1tju00M3YD5nagIHQB48ihJiAoFxS%2B%2Ff8CvaAigdH2a4 (goes on for more than 5000 characters) What are the possible programmable options to get data from the above form? My only idea currently is to generate all the possible URLs and then get the data. Thanks in advance. Bart J
The one long line makes the rest of your lines run behind the right sidebar...could you break it up for readability's sake?

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