Hide horizontal scrollbar in IE 7 and below

Basically, I'm having trouble removing the horizontal scrollbar in Internet Explorer 7 and Below. I've tried the code below and It seems to work fine in every browser except IE. overflow-x: hidden; The even bigger problem is that, even though the scrollbar isn't even removed, it seems to completely screw the layout.. It somehow hides the majority of the page content in boxes 2 and 3? It also.. adds a second vertical scrollbar which moves relatively/absolute positioned items down?! I did contemplate just leaving the scrollbar in IE via a specified stylesheet, but even that seems to be messing with the page? The website is on a test directory [here][1].. I'll post the stylesheet in a comment below. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, hope you can help! Bradley [1]: http://openyourheart.org.uk/test/index.html

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