IoCreateSymbolicLink when it will return STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION

when I Call IoCreateSymbolicLink failing with status STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION.I have code in my driver where i tried to create symboliclink name between NT and DOS. **When usually this error will cause?** RtlInitUnicodeString( &deviceName, L"\\Device\\StreamEitor" ); RtlInitUnicodeString( &symbolicLinkName, L"\\DosDevices\\StreamEitor" ); status = IoCreateDevice( driverObject, 0, &deviceName, FILE_DEVICE_NETWORK, 0, FALSE, &gDeviceObject ); if (!NT_SUCCESS(status)) { goto Exit; } status = IoCreateSymbolicLink( &symbolicLinkName, &deviceName ); if ( !NT_SUCCESS( status )) { //IoDeleteDevice(ControlDeviceObject); DbgPrint("IoCreateSymbolicLink failed %x\n", status); goto Exit; }

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