CSS3 multi column layout IE workaround

I've stumbled across a really [great project (CSS3 PIE)](http://css3pie.com/) today that makes it possible to use CSS3 rounded corners, shadows and gradients even in IE6, IE7 and IE8 using CSS settings and usual CSS3 notation. **It uses *.htc file** that does the trickery and makes it really transparent for developers (as in set it and forget it - no additional script calls when creating new pages or changing existing ones (provided you don't change CSS)). I wonder if there's anything similar for multi column layout that can be used. Floating is not an option because content is not laid out top to bottom - left to right, but rather left to right - top to bottom... Anybody developing something similar for CSS3 multi column layout?
There is a polyfill (fallback) for CSS multi column layouts here: csscripting.com/css-multi-column

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