C sprintf buffer sigsegv error

I'm having a problem with my program: I keep getting segmentation fault on a sprintf function and i can't get why,the buffer is large enough and i THINK to be passing the pointer correctly,i just can't figure out why it won't work. Here's the code: Calling: char dataBuff[100]; //same error with char *dataBuff=malloc(sizeof(char)*100); //those vars were declared before int tmpData[5]={TID,i,JobList[i].Num1,JobList[i].Op,JobList[i].Num2}; //here's the function that return the sigsegv error BuildCMD(CALC,tmpData,0.f,dataBuff); BuildCMD code: int BuildCMD(enum CMD cmd,int *values,float Res,char *dataBuff) { switch(cmd) {//........ case CALC: { //this line cause the error,it's just a formatted parameters list //note:same error with just //sprintf(dataBuff,"abc"); spritf(dataBuff,"0*;%d;%d;%d;%d;%d;%d;%.5f|\n",cmd,values[0],values[1],values[2],values[3],values[4],Res); break; } //........ } } I'm pretty sure that the problem is "dataBuff" since even if i use sprintf to try to store a normal constant string it gives me the same error. It's just...i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance. EDIT:problem solved as function header: int BuildCMD(enum CMD cmd,int *values,float Res,char dataBuff[100]) as sprintf call: sprintf(&dataBuff,"0*;%d;%d;%d;%d;%d;%d;%.5f|\n",cmd,values[0],values[1],values[2],values[3],values[4],Res);
You've unnecessarily abbreviated the very line on which you think the problem exists. Don't do that--show us the real sprintf statement you're using in your actual code.

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