The C Programming K&R Exercise 1-13

i need your help guys im stuck at K&R Exercise 1-13 . its about functions! I came thru almost all 1 chapter but stuck on Functions. I can't understand how to work with functions. Well I know how to do simple functions but when I came to more complicated one I'm stuck on it! Don't know how to pass the value, K&R example of power function is a bit difficult to understand. But anyway I need your help at Exercise 1 - 13 if its possible for you to complete it so I can read the code and understand how to work with functions. **Here exercise it self:** **Write a program to convert its input to lower case,using a function lower(c) witch returns c if c is not a letter, and the lower case value of c if it is a letter** if you you know some links or anything witch have some useful information about how to work with more difficult functions (not like passing string to main, but arithmetic one), can you please link them. Also this is not 2 Edition of K&R
What was your google query? I suspect your research skills are inadequate. Make sure you're using an up-to-date book; The IT industry changes very quickly and anyone working with prehistoric technology gets left behind.

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