How to make processes alternating?

As for threads, I have mutex and conditionals so I could manipulate them easily. However, if I create two processes by `fork()`, how could I make them alternating? Or, is there any way to create a "critical section" for processes? I intended to make a program that prints "r" and "w" alternatively, here is the code. #include #include int pipe_1[2]; int flag = 0; void r(); void w(); int main() { pipe(pipe_1); if(fork()) r(); else w(); } void r() { int count = 0; while(1) { printf("%d \n", flag); if (count == 10) exit(0); if(flag == 0) { puts("r"); flag = 1; count++; while(flag == 1) ; } } } void w() { while(1) { if(flag == 1) { puts("w"); flag = 0; while(flag == 0) ; } } } The out put is only: 0 r Then it seems to enter a infinite loop. What's the problem? And what's the right way to make alternating processes? Thanks.
I trust that you re doing this as an exercise and do know that the OS will take care of blocking processes when the pipe is full or empty as necessary, yes?

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