Writing a simple voip application with C

I want to start coding a simple Voip application that will help me to talk with a friend of mine. Like Skyp. I search to the internet and found some useful links like [this][1] [1]: http://www.pjsip.org/ It looks good. What you say ? Ohh i forget to say that i m thinking write this app in C. Whats your opinion ? Do you prefer any other language for this work ? Is a good choice? Also if someone has ever tried something like this , please tell me your experience. How to start up ,if there is a good tutorial, what language to use and any other useful info. Thanks for your time.
I think the question on our minds is: Why not just use Skype, or any of the various other voice chat softwares available? Does your friend really want to wait for you to write the software and fix any bugs before you guys can talk together? Installing software takes just minutes. Writing this app would take hours at the least, and possibly more because you have to read the documentation, write the code, test it out, etc. etc.

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